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Mitisure closes the “response gap!”

Put power behind your plan – with the only automated, cloud-based risk mitigation solution!
Chances are, the difference between the ideal response detailed in your crisis plan and what would actually occur in a real crisis translates into unnecessary risk to people, property and reputation, as well as exposure to long-term legal and financial liability. Mitisure is a revolutionary solution suite specifically designed to close the “response gap.” It automates the development, implementation and documentation of incident response plans, and simplifies compliance with emergency, security, risk and governance mandates. More >

Learn why
the rules have

It’s not enough to
add layers of software
and more mass notification. Read how Mitisure has redefined crisis planning
and response strategies by creating
a complete, integrated platform.
Download "Closing the crisis
response and liability gaps:
The case for automating planning
and response management,
" a
ground-breaking executive brief
that spells out the long-needed
new standard!


Discover exciting new
dimensions of response
management, including:


Visibility and control
-from virtually anywhere,
via tablets, laptops and
smart phones.

Real-time Documentation
to Prove Best Practices

Now you can capture everything as it
happens – for full audit capabilities.

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KPMG: Most organizations still
doing risk management the old way

"The number of respondents using the
low-tech approach to managing risk
surprised us, particularly when most
organizations have placed such an
incredible focus on their Enterprise-
wide Risk Management (ERM)
processes after more than a decade
of complex regulatory change and
financial crises…"

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To watch an online demo of Mitisure, click here